The Candidates Package

Here is an easy package to put together to present to the Presidential Candidates to encourage them to confront the current wild horse and burro issues and their wipe out.

You can print them directly from these links or for cleaner version or to add your address and signature, just copy and paste them into your own Word documents and print.

In some cases, transferring to Word failed to space things correctly so make sure you review your copy to ensure it's format came through. You can also highlight the entire document and click the "justify" formatting button located on the top of your tool bar to provide a clean, even presentation of your documents. (The "justify" button is one of four buttons that only show lines. It is the last one to the right and is the only one that shows all lines being even)

Letter to the Hopefuls - Printable Version - Click Here
Question to the Candidates - Printable Version - Click Here
"Talking Points - Wild Horses" Printable Version - Click Here
From American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
Wild Horse & Burro Fact Sheet - Printable Version - Click Here
Compiled by American Herds

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