I-Team: Wild Horse BLM Budget Preview

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I-Team: Wild Horses Face Extermination

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Mz.Many Names said...

Of course, the BLM is not a democracy,..but the government that put it in place is. For shame on the BLm for exhaulting itself beyond the realm of democratic idealism.
Why even bother asking for public opinion if what we think dont count?
Smart people know, its NOT about rangleland declimation,it hasent been for a long long time; its about special interests, exploitation and the privatization of our public lands. They want the horses off cause of the money they will make from mining and big game hunting permits. They continue with the round-ups despite their claims that they cant feed the ones they all ready have penned up. Why do you think they do this? Cause they are going to follow through with their expermination plan, NO MATTER what. They dont give a darn about the horses, or us, and thats the plain & simple truth. All they care about is money. Speaking of money, where is the money from the Leo Heil will that was supposed to go to preserve Nevadas wild horse herds? Mr Heil would turn over in his grave if he knew what was happening to this beloved wild horses. For shame on you all who have a hand in the extermination plan. We may not prevent you from following through with your dastardly deeds, but we promice you this: America will NEVER forget or forgive.