BLM Plan Could Make Mustang as Rare as the Buffalo - Horseback Magazine/Steve Long

Opposition Grows to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's Wild Horse Plan - Reno Gazzette Journal

BLM Admits Price Tag of $1,700,000 For Wild Horse Round Up - Carol Able/Examiner.Com

Wild Horse Activist Buzz Denver with Anti-Salazar Banner - Denver Post 11/20/09

BLM Extends Public Comment Period for Nevada Wild Horse Round Up - LA Equine Policy Examiner 11/17/09

Wild Horse Removal Generates Over 7,000 Comments to BLM - LA Equine Policy Examiner 11/16/09

Reports Reveal More Deaths and Sloppy Record Keeping by BLM as Groups Call for Investigation - Steven Long/Straight from the Horses Heart 10/29/09

The Wild Horses of America That Congress Forgot About - Wild Horse Warriors 10/02/09

Exclusive Interview: Former Senator Conrad Burns - Horseback Magazine 9/15/09

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Senate Directs BLM to Get New Game Plan - Straight from the Horses Heart 9/26/09

The Horses That Congress Forgot: OUR Sheldon Horses - Laura Leigh 8/17/09

BLM's Wild Horse Elminination Plan Angers Ecologist - Environmental News Service, 7/07/09

Round Up Set - Casper Star Tribune, 7-07-09

Memorial Day Prayer For Charlie and Buffalo Bill - Deanne Stillman/LA Observed 5/23/09

Leave The Wild Burro Be - Las Vegas Sun, 5/21/09

Tribe Struggles With Glut Of Horses - Seattle Times, 5/10/09
Plus: Confederated Umatilla Journal
NW Tribes Want To Reduce Horse Numbers (pg. 10), March 2009
Tribes Unite Over Feral Horse Issue (pg. 1) and Tribal Horse Coalition (pg. 41),- April 2009

Horse Project Boss Considers New Home for Spanish Mustangs - Mountain View Telegraph, 5/07/09

Ted William Rants Again - Fly, Rod + Reel, 4/28/09

Showdown At Horse Slaughter Pass - Horse Talk-New Zealand/John Holland, 4/25/09

Work Under Way To Remove 200 Horses From Mustang Ranch - World-Herald News, 4/22/09
Hope For Iconic Horses - Kern Valley Sun, 3/17/09

How To Get Promoted At The BLM: Screw Up - City Life/George Knapp, 3/12/09

Pickens Finds Little Horse Sense At The BLM - City Life/George Knapp, 3/05/09

Federal Agency Says Madeleine Pickens Idea Wild Horse Refuge Flawed As Proposed - Associated Press, 3/02/09

Eleven Burros Shot To Death Northeast of Phoenix - Phoenix Metro News, 2/23/09

Wild Horses' Future Uncertain: Benefactor seeks land to house animals - Associated Press, 2/14/09

Wild Horse Backers Push For Protection: Congressmen introduce bill to prevent killings - Associated Press, 2/13/09

"Mustang-The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West, Deanne Stillman"REVIEW by Orion Magazine, Melissa Holbrook Pierson, January-February 2009

Dead Horses Found Dumped With Brands Cut Off - Idaho News, 2/05/09

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"Wild Horse Summit Held To Determine Mustangs Fate": Kern Valley Sun, 11/13/08

"Wild Horse Annie Is Rolling In Her Grave": Western Colorado Blog, 11/12/08

"Round Up at Little Book Cliffs Range": KDNK, November 2007

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