11 Burros Shot in Arizona

On February 23, 2009, federal rangers announced 11 wild burros, including new born foals, were shot to death in a remote location in the Arizona desert near Lake Pleasant in the week preceedng the announcemnt.

The BLM has called this a "slaughter" with the deaths currently under investigation. To view an uncut interview with BLM regarding the massacre, Click Here.

While BLM states that nothing like this has ever happened before, a local activist has countered by claiming 54 wild burros were massacred in the Black Mountains behind Oatman in the 90's with no one ever being charged.

Arizona is the last state left with any wild burro herds exceeding an allowed population of more than 150 but a string of recent aggressive land use plans issued by AZ BLM over the last few year had proposals removing tens of thousands of acres from wild horse and burro use, which included lands along the Colorado river - the most abundant water source in the area.

In Defense of Animals has offered additional reward money, now up to $6,000 dollars, for information leading to a conviction. Click Here to view. Please call 1-800-637-9152 if you have any information to assist in the investigation. All calls are confidential.

Click Here to read "11 Wild Burros Shot To Death Northeast of Phoenix".

Click Here to view and sign petition sponsored by Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter.

Please do not let another slaughter of wild horses and/or burros "disappear" into the cracks with no one ever being charged. Urge officials to thoroughly investigate and prosecute those responsible.


BLM AZ Supervisory Ranger Patrick Brasington;
(623) 580-5559
Cell: (602) 228-2288

AZ State BLM Office, Director Jim Kenna;
(602) 417-9500

Phoenix BLM Director Terri Raml;
(623) 580-5500

Public Relations Mgr. BLM/AZ Office
Pamela Mathis
(623) 580-5509
Cell: (602) 402-7690

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