Wild Horse Conservation

A recent new addition to the wild horse and burro advocate community has started a blog titled, Wild Horse Conservation. Currently posted is a new short video urging public involvement in the production of a documentary on the plight of the American Mustang throughout the West as well as efforts to restore Southern California's last herd of wild horses to their rightful native range. Click Here to view.

Video footage includes an interview with Kathleen Hayden of Coyote Canyon Caballos de Anza (CCCDA), A California State Horsemen's Association Club. Kathleen and her husband, Robert Hayden are the founders of CCCDA and are currently urging active public involvement in restoring this unique, heritage herd. To learn more or become a member of the CCCDA, Click Here.

This unique herds story and the ongoing restoration efforts have also been recently highlighted on Madeliene Pickens website. To learn more, Click Here.

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