The Thriving Natural Ecological Balance
A Comparative Analysis of Free-Roaming Wild Horses & Burros
In Relation to Habitat, Wildlife and Livestock Populations
C.R. MacDonald - October 2009

The Jackson Mountains Wild Horses
A Case Study in the Mismanagement of the
BLM's Wild Horse & Burro Program

C.R. MacDonald ~ February 2009

A Critical Analysis of the National Status of
Wild Burros on Public Lands
C.R. MacDonald ~ June 2007
C.R. MacDonald ~ July 2008

The Use of Helicopters To Remove
Wild Horses & Burros From Public Lands

Pictorial ~ June 2007

BLM Team Conference Calls
FOIA - Discussions of WH&B Program
July 2008

Alternative Management Options
BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program
Draft Report - October 2008

White Paper: Horses to Slaughter
Anatomy of a Cover Up within the
Wild Horse & Burro Program of the
Bureau of Land Management
PEER - April 1997

Investigative Report

Suspected Illegal Exports of Non-Slaughter Geldings
From New Mexico to Mexico

Valerie James Patton ~ November 2007

Rangeland Management
Improvements Needed in Federal Wild Horse Program
August 1990

Public Land Management
Observations on Management of
Federal Wild Horse Program

General Accounting Office GAO-RCED-91-71
June 1991

Effective Long-Term Options Needed
to Manage Unadoptable Wild Horses
Government Accountability Office/GAO-09-77
October 2008
Full Report

Management of Herd Levels,
Wild Horse & Burro Program
Bureau of Land Management

Office of the Inspector General
Report No. 97-I-1104
August 1997

Livestock Grazing
Federal Expenditures and Receipts Vary,
Depending on the Agency and the Purpose
Of The Fee Charged

Government Accountability Office GAO-05-869
September 2005

Assessing The Full Cost of the Federal Grazing Program
Moskowitz, MBA and Romaniello, MS AG. Econ.
October 2002

Results of Recent Work
Addressing the Performance
Of Land Management Agencies
General Accounting Office GAO/T-RCED-92-60
May 1992

Rangeland Management
Current Formula Keeps Grazing Fees Low

General Accounting Office GAO/RCED-91-185BR
June 1991

Killing Big Bend Burros

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Internal Affairs Investigative Report #I07-014
December 4, 2007

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