BLM operates on a Fiscal Year cycle from
10/01 to 9/30 of each year.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2005, BLM began creating a "Gather Schedule", which is an internal document used by BLM to both schedule and record national wild horse and burro removals and BLM uses two main Gather Schedules every year.

Preliminary Gather Schedule
The first Gather Schedule is the "Preliminary", which is issued on or about October 1st each year and this document is designed to give BLM an overview of herds and HMAs that are on the horizon for removals. The Preliminary Gather Schedule is always subject to change as emergency removals such as wildfires, drought, etc. may cause BLM to re-shuffle, postpone or accelerate their initial plans from October as things may change over the course of the next year that require them to modify the scheduled removals.

Final Gather Schedule
The second Gather Schedule is BLMs "Final Gather Schedule", which is the actual end result of last fiscal years management actions, also produced on or about October 1st of each year. This Schedule provides the "Final" numbers of actual wild horse and burro removals during the last fiscal year. Also, BLM has previously used a yellow highlight to distinguish wild burro removals from wild horse removals so herd removals marked in yellow indicate these removals were for wild burros.

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FY11 Preliminary Gather Schedule

FY10 Final Gather Schedule

FY 2010 Preliminary Gather Schedule

FY 2009 Final Gather Schedule

Dean Bolstad of the BLMs Wild Horse & Burro National Program Office has affirmed that all herds and HMAs on this schedule have been pre-approved for removals by Deputy Director Henri Bisson.

FY 2008 Final Gather Schedule

FY 2008 Preliminary Gather Schedule

FY 2008 Gather Schedule - Advisory Board
This Gather Schedule was given to the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board at their February 25, 2008 meeting. It is reflective of all removals that occurred between October 1, 2007 and February 11, 2008.

FY 2007 Final Gather Schedule

FY 2007 Preliminary Gather Schedule

FY 2006 Final Gather Schedule

FY 2006 Preliminary Gather Schedule

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